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Page last updated: September 28, 2022
MOI rolls out leaders development programs
  • Wednesday, September 28,2022

MOI rolls out leaders development programs

The Ministry of Interior launched the 7th Distinguished Leadership Competencies Program and the 4th Female Leadership Program, organized by the Leadership Development Centre in the General Secretariat of the Minister’s Office in the Ministry.

This is done in cooperation with international organizations and educational institutions such as the Institute of Leadership and Management and DesignThinkers Academy.

This also comes as part of the Ministry’s keenness to continue implementing quality programs that aim to enhance the leadership and basic competencies of its staff and to qualify young leaders to keep pace with the latest changes and developments.

These quality programs cover a number of topics such as strategic thinking, management of planning and institutional development, as well as participation in seminars and conferences held by the Ministry of Interior and government agencies, field visits and leadership meetings.

The programs aim to identify the best practices that are put in place both locally and globally.

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