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Page last updated: May 06, 2021
Under the slogan "Accidents are not destined ... but a result of neglect," UAE participates in Arab Traffic Week
  • Wednesday, May 05,2021

Under the slogan "Accidents are not destined ... but a result of neglect," UAE participates in Arab Traffic Week

The UAE is taking part in marking the Arab Traffic Week, celebrated by all Arab countries this year under the slogan " Accidents are not destined ... but a result of neglect " which runs from May 4 to May 10. The celebration, supervised by the Secretariat General of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, comes in implementation of the recommendations of the 12th Arab Conference of Heads of Traffic Services.

Brig. Jumaa Ahmad Hamel Al Qubaisi, Director General of Traffic Coordination at the Ministry of Interior, stated that the Arab Traffic Week comes to stress the importance of drivers and road users' adherence to traffic and safety rules, and the need to hammer out effective solutions to the challenges facing traffic safety and reducing the number of traffic accidents.

He added that traffic accidents and their negative impact on the community pose a real danger that requires strict measures to find radical and successful solutions to reduce accidents which claim many innocent victims. Al Qubaisi also stressed the need for joint efforts and continuous measures to reduce traffic accidents and raise the awareness of different segments of society about correct traffic rules and regulations, and the measures that should be put in place to ensure their safety and the safety of others in all circumstances.

He explained that the slogan chosen for the Arab Traffic Week this year reflects the trends prevalent in the Arab world, which are focused on reducing accidents and achieving traffic safety, especially as the tragedies of traffic accidents are a real concern for all societies. Al Qubaisi pointed out that means to end the tragedies of accidents should be earnestly sought at the social, psychological and economic levels. This occasion, according to the UAE official, is one of the most important traffic events held by traffic departments in the Arab countries featuring several programs and activities as well as meetings, seminars, lectures, field visits, interviews and programs, some of which are broadcast on Arab media channels.

Brig. Al Qubaisi called on all road users to adhere to traffic rules and regulations and cooperate with traffic officers to ensure more discipline on the road to cut down the number of accidents and create a generation with a better traffic awareness and capable of shouldering responsibility.

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